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Legislature Backs Equality (Hartford Courant)
Rell Signs Gay Marriage Bill (CT Post)
Rell Becomes First Gov. To Sign Gay Marriage Bill (CT News Junkie)
Gov. Rell Signs Same-Sex Marriage Codification Bill into Law
Match Made in Heaven? (Yale Daily News)
Legislature Passes Gay Marriage Bill (Connecticut Post)
No Basis for Fear (Hartford Courant)
Its Goal Met, Gay Group Smart to Move On (Hartford Courant)
Same-Sex Marriage Progressing Slowly (New London Day)
Love Makes a Family: Its Job Done, CT Gay-Rights group Disbands (Hartford Courant)
Advocacy Group Ready To Call It A Day (New Haven Register)
Leading The Way (New London Day)
Give Shield for Gender Identity (New Haven Register)
Stand Up Connecticut- For the Safety and Dignity of All Your Citizens (Stamford Advocate)
Changing From Civil Union To Marriage (News Times)
Florists Can't Discriminate Against Gay Couples (Hartford Courant)
GLAD's Legal Challenge Of The Federal DOMA
Campaign Puts The "T" Back in "LGBT" (New Haven Independent)
Clergy Learn About Marriage for All (CT Conference United Church of Christ)
Connecticut To Consider Transgender Anti-Discrimination Proposal (Hartford Courant)
Seeing Gains, Activist Continues To Work For Others (New Haven Register)
Poll: Connecticut Voters Back Same-Sex Marriage (Hartford Courant)
Significant Majority of Connecticut Voters Supports Marriage Equality
After Marriage Equality - What Direction Should Love Makes A Family Take? (Orange Bulletin)
Stanback Perseveres In Efforts Toward Gay Rights (Hartford Courant)
Same-Sex Couples First Must Find A Willing And Able Cleric (Hartford Courant)
Marriage: A Long-Delayed Dream Comes True (Hartford Courant)
Gay Couple in Washington Can Now Say They're Married (Litchfield County Times)
Sentiments Shift: Gay Issues, Polls Show Public As More Accepting (Hartford Courant)
Together 27 Years, Couple First In Madison To Receive Same-Sex Marriage License (Shore Line Times)
Goin' To The Chapel (Hartford Business Journal)
Savoring A Proud Moment For State (Hartford Courant)
Significant Day For A Couple In Love (New London Day)
Goin' To The Chapel (Hartford Business Journal)
Accepting Change In Our Calm, Steady Way (Hartford Courant)
Gay Marriages Begin in Connecticut (New York Times)
Long Legal Battle Ends On Same-Sex Marriage (New Haven Register)
Finally, The Special Day They've Been Waiting For (New London Day)
Gay Marriage Is Academic, Next To The Economy (Register Citizen)
Same-Sex Couples In Connecticut Tie The Knot, Legally (Hartford Courant)
Marriage Milestone: First Same-Sex Couples Tie Knot (Norwich Bulletin)
Stamford Women Enter Into City's First Same-Sex Marriage(Stamford Advocate)
Marriage Inequality Won't Last Forever (Hartford Courant)
State Voters Decide Not To Change Constitution (Associated Press)
Equality's Winding Path (New York Times)
Voters Reject Constitutional Convention
Constitutional Convention Rejected (Hartford Courant)
Amendments Best Way To Alter Constitution (NH Register)
The Risks in a Constitutional Convention (Stamford Advocate)
Same-Sex Marriages Can Begin In 2 Weeks (CT Post)
No To A Convention (Hartford Courant)
We Don't Need To Amend The Constitution (New London Day)
Justices Welcome Same-Sex Marriages (New Britain Herald)
No Constitutional Convention Isn't Needed (Danbury News Times)
A 'Little Kinder' World (Connecticut Law Tribune)
Marriage Actually (New Republic)
Court Behind Gay Marriage (Norwalk Citizen)
And Connecticut Makes Three (Washington Blade)
Universal Unions: Couples Celebrate Gay Marriage (Stamford Advocate)
After Marriage Ruling, Ct. State House Rally Draws Jubilant Crowd (Bay Windows)
Marriage Ruling Has 'Beautiful Observations' (New Haven Register)
A Majority In Connecticut Poll Backs Gay Marriage Ruling (Hartford Courant)
Stand Against Hate Crimes (Hartford Courant)
How Strife Leads To Triumph (Hartford Courant)
Gay Marriage Ruling Ended Long Journey Of Soul (Hartford Courant)
Thousands set to marry (Journal Inquirer)
State Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage (Hartford Courant)
Gay Marriage Is Ruled Legal in Connecticut (New York Times)
Connecticut Supreme Court Rules That Gay and Lesbian Couples Have Right To Marry (Hartford Courant)
Separate Is Not Equal (New York Times)
GOP Chair, Gay RIghts Advocates Clash (New Haven Independent)
Marriage Equality Is About Fairness
No Urgent Need For Constitutional Changes
Group Opposes Constitutional Convention (Connecticut Post)
Love Makes a Family Political Action Committee Releases Endorsements (New England Blade)
Debate On A Constitutional Convention Heats Up (CT News Junkie)
Love Makes a Rally (New Haven Independent)
Will the "if" become a "when?" (West Hartford Life)
Connecticut Gay Rights Activists Praise Vote In Massachusetts (Hartford Courant)
Married In Mass. (Hartford Courant)
Census Must Count Gay Marriages (Hartford Courant)
Poll: Voters won't ban same-sex vows (Connecticut Post)
California influence: Will gay marriage ruling affect Connecticut court? (Stamford Advocate)
Constitution State must lead the way (Connecticut Post)
What's In A Word? (NewEnglandFilm.com)
A Step Closer to Justice (New York Times)
Gay Film Festival: From Theater Seats To Silver Screen (Hartford Courant)
Homo Court Advantage (Fairfield Weekly)
The Court's Nudge (Hartford Courant)
A Victory for Equality and Justice (New York Times)
California Supreme Court Says Same-Sex Couples Can Marry
Green Street's Director Featured in Marriage Equality Film (The Wesleyan Connection)
More Taxing for Some (Hartford Courant)
Tales Told of Unequal Unions (New Haven Independent)
Civil Unions Are Inadequate Substitute for Marriage
Gay Couples Say Civil Unions Aren't Enough (New York Times)
Civil union law does little to stop ignorance (Connecticut Post)
Couple believes marriage does make a world of difference (Simsbury Life)
The Definitions of Love (Courant.com)
Trans Plantations at the Hartford Stage on March 19th: One-woman play performed by Latina lesbian
Documentary on gay unions hopes to make a 'word of difference' (New Haven Register)
Connecticut legislature to discuss adding gender identity or expression to state non-discrimination law (Innewsweekly)
Guilford filmmaker fights for 'dignity, respect' (Shoreline Times)
Filmmaker's work explores common ground between gay, straight couples (Norwalk Hour)
Film Advocates for Gay Couples' Right to Marry (New Britain Herald)
Marriage Makes a Word of Difference: New Film on Marriage Equality Premieres Across Connecticut
Putting Faith in Marriage Equality (Hartford Courant)
Deputy State Comptroller Mark Ojakian to Lead Love Makes a Family Board of Directors
Already a Family, But Marriage Would Make it Complete (Hartford Courant)
Wearing Their Hearts On Their T-Shirts (Hartford Courant)
Civil Unions Take a Downturn (New Haven Register)
Transgender bill supporters are hopeful of OK (Stamford Times)
Good Fit (New Haven Register)
Interracial couples know skin color doesn't matter (New Haven Register)
Bay State Stands Tall (Hartford Courant)
The Inadequacy of Civil Unions (New York Times)
Fairer in New Hampshire (Hartford Courant)
In Support Of Marriage. Period. (New London Day)
Legislature Misses Opportunity (New London Day)
Arguing Over A Word (Hartford Courant)
Lawyers Argue Legal Status of Gay Unions (New York Times)
Power of word 'marriage' debated in court (Connecticut Post)
Marriage Vs. Civil Unions (Hartford Courant)
Couples Enter New Terrain in Push for Gay Marriage in Connecticut (New York Times)
Colchester Couple Demands Equality (Norwich Bulletin)
Connecticut's Ban On Gay Marriage Doesn't Stop Families From Forming (New London Day)
Colchester couple demands equality (Norwich Bulletin)
Gays hold out hope for wedlock (New Haven Register)
Gay Couples Fight for Rights (Connecticut Post)
Connecticut's Ban On Gay Marriage Doesn't Stop Families From Forming (New London Day)
Civil unions significant, but not same as marriage (Norwich Bulletin)
Rabbi marches for same-sex marriage [Jewish Ledger - May 8, 2007]
New Poll Shows Growing Support for Marriage Equality in Connecticut
Sacred Or Civil: State Split On Marriage (Hartford Courant)
A Straight-Up Argument For Same-Sex Marriage (Hartford Courant)
Gay Couples Joined In Civil Unions Feel Married, But The Law Says Otherwise (Hartford Courant)
Gay Marriage Pros & Foes Flock To Capitol (New Haven Independent)
Quinnipiac Poll Reveals More CT Voters Support Marriage, Rather than Civil Unions, for Same-Sex Couples
A Grandmother Speaks Out In Favor Of Gay Marriage (Hartford Courant)
Equal rights battle revived in Assembly (Connecticut Post)
Marriage battle heats up in Connecticut; Bill extending marriage to be introduced (PageOneQ)
Legalize Same-Sex Marriage (The Daily Campus)
A Marriage Proposal (Hartford Courant)
Gay marriage re-emerges as legislative issue (Greenwich Time & Stamford Advocate)
Supporters, opponents state their case on same-sex marriage (Record Journal)
Same-Sex Marriage Debate Heats Up (Journal Inquirer)
Marriage Equality Bill Announced: Same-Sex Couples Seek the Freedom to Marry in Connecticut
Marriage Equality Bill Announced: Same-Sex Couples Seek the Freedom to Marry in Connecticut
Gay couples not satisfied with gains (Connecticut Post)
Marriage equality bill to be filed in Connecticut (In News Weekly)
Revisit Same-Sex Marriage (Hartford Courant)
Our life's energy is wasted on hatred (Norwich Bulletin)
Return of separate but equal? (Journal Inquirer)
Rabbis Support Same Sex Marriage (CT Jewish Ledger)
The Closet Door's Open (The Hartford Courant)
In the Company of Great Women (Hartford Courant)
Two Babies for Different Fathers: Same-sex Couple Expanding Family (Connecticut Post)
Disparate laws can leave same-sex couples vulnerable (Journal Inquirer)
First anniversary for civil unions. For some, glass is half full, for others, half empty (Journal Inquirer)
What's So Scary About Love? (Hartford Courant)
Marriage Lawsuit Loses First Round
GLAD to Appeal Connecticut Marriage Decision
Gay Marriage Lawsuit Fails
Statement on New Haven Superior Court Decision in Connecticut Marriage Case
Marriage Equality Parties Throughout Connecticut
CT Civil Union Licenses Lag Behind
It's true love that binds people in marriage (Connecticut Post)
Civil Unions & Churches (Hartford Courant)
Attorney General's Opinion Shows Marriage Discrimination Still Exists
Gay Marriage Remains A Goal
And a Lawyer Makes Three (NY Times)
Support for Marriage Equality Lawsuit
Dear Supporter of Marriage Equality:
A Man Like Everybody Else (Hartford Courant)
Zogby International
Toronto Issues Gay Marriage Licenses After Ruling
Gay marriage bill rejected
Not Just 1 Family Way Region Sees Increase In Unmarried And Same-Sex Couples
Connecticut Approves Civil Unions for Gays
A Gay Rights Milestone (Hartford Courant)
State legalizes same-sex unions
Rell signs civil union legislation into law
Statement on Final Passage of Civil Union
Civil Union Bill Passes
Cautious Connecticut steps to forefront on civil unions Geography, well-organized gay groups spur action--Republican American
Tying the Half Knot
A Flawed But Satisfying Vote
Bill includes definition of a marriage
Equality and dignity
Senate backs civil unions
Senate Backs Civil Unions- Gay Rights Movement Gets Big Victory As Bill Advances With Surprising Ease
Conn. Senate Approves Civil Unions Bill
Civil unions ride Senate landslide
Connecticut Closer to Approving Civil Unions Democratic Majority Driving State Measure
Connecticut Closer to Approving Civil Unions Democratic Majority Driving State Measure
Denial of Marriage Rights Costs Same-Sex Couples in Connecticut Thousands of Dollars per Year
Gay marriage impact debated
Study Finds that Giving Marriage Rights to Same-Sex Couples Will Have a Positive Impact on the State Budget of Connecticut
No Need For Polarizing Vote (Hartford Courant)
Civil Unions in Connecticut (Hartford Courant)
Connecticut Takes Steps Toward Gay Civil Unions (NY Times)
Vermont Commentary: Conn. lawmakers about to take the plunge, too
The Ground Has Shifted (Hartford Courant)
Moving Forward through the Legislature
Feelings run strong on both sides regarding whether the state should permit civil unions or marriage between same-sex couples. S
Vermonters say gay marriage would be better than civil unions in Connecticut
The Equal Pursuit Of Happiness
The Equal Pursuit Of Happiness (Hartford Courant)
Same-Sex Couples Send Valentine's Day Message Couples Apply For Marriage Licenses
Area lawmakers oppose gay marriage bills
Gay Marriage Debate Is Under Way
Sides present pros and cons of gay marriage
Gay marriage debate opens
Lawmakers Favor Civil Unions, Despite Objections
Gay couples gains' slight in Hartford
Same-sex marriage debate resumes on Monday
Gays lobby for marriage over civil unions (Detroit News)
Testimony in Support of Marriage Equality
Proponents, opponents of gay marriage pack hearing
At This Crossroad, Marriage Is The Way (Hartford Courant)
Same-sex marriage debate resumes today
Same-sex marriage debate resumes on Monday
Connecticut, Same-Sex Marriage: A Good Match (Hartford Courant)
Connecticut debates civil unions, marriage
Gay Marriage Expected To Stir Ardent Debate In Both Parties
Civil Unions Draw Support
Bride and Prejudice Connecticut is poised to destroy the moral underpinnings of American society. It's about time.
Same-Sex Marriage Low On Voters' List
Same-sex marriage encounter Advocates gather in hopes of winning state approval
What's Love Got to Do With It?
Group's Target: Same-Sex Marriage
Gay couples suing state
Group Challenges Marriage Laws
Move Is Made in Connecticut Courts to Legalize Gay Marriage
Gays File Lawsuit To Wed In State
Seven couples file suit after Madison denies nuptials
Party At Museum Celebrates Diverse Families
Blumenthal plays close to the vest on same-sex marriage
Like Everyone Else, But Without The Same Rights
Poised for a Fight Ban on same-sex marriage fails in Congress; Connecticut awaits same-sex debate in the courts and the legislat
A Mass.-style court challenge not being ruled out in Conn.
Blumenthal says gay marriage not permitted in Connecticut--Associated Press
Voices For Marriage Equality
R.I., Conn. attorneys general expected to decide on Mass. nuptials
Conn. gay couples may not find marriage in Mass.
Proponents of gay marriage gather to voice support for rights
Connecticut lawmakers oppose amendment banning gay marriage
Gay Marriage Support Surveyed
Our Strong Stand for Marriage Equality
Supreme Judicial Court rules civil unions aren't enough, same-sex couples entitled to marriage
Keeping Marriage Safe For The Likes Of Britney Spears
Gays Show Faith In State (Hartford Courant)
The Merits of Gay Marriage-Washington Post
Connecticut Groups React Predictably To Bay State Ruling
Equal Rights -- and Rites - Boston Globe
Mass. court ruling gives hope to local gay activists
Rowland says he would veto gay marriage legislation
Poll shows slim majority favors civil unions
Davis signs law giving domestic partners most marriage rights
For Gay Marriage
Sex: Officially, A Private Affair
Bay State Weighing Same-Sex Marriages
What You Need To Get Married In Canada
Thinking of Getting Married in Canada?
Pope Launches Massive Attack On Gay Marriage
Belgium's First Gay Wedding Held Today
Six out of 10 Americans Say Homosexual Relations Should Be Recognized as Legal
No middle ground on gay marriage issue
Keep Pushing, Mr. Lawlor
Support for gay marriage Mass. poll finds half in favor
Editorial: An Equal Benefit
Civil unions appropriate for gay couples
Minister to K of C: Stop Inciting Hate
A Majority In Connecticut Poll Backs Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
Decision may end minister's protest
We Don't Need A Constitutional Convention (Hartford Courant)
Putting Faith In Marriage Equality
A Word That Also Divides Us (Hartford Courant)
Lawmakers pull gay marriage bill days before high court case (Hartford Courant)
New Poll Shows Growing Support for Marriage Equality in Connecticut
One law for all (Journal-Inquirer)
150 Clergy Members Rally for Gay Marriage (New Haven Register)
State Clergy Rally for Gay Marriage Bill (Connecticut Post)
Conn. Lawmaker Changes Debate by Coming Out (Bay Windows)
Connecticut Clergy March for Marriage Equality at Capitol: Vow to be Strong Voices for Justice for Same-Sex Couples
Same-sex Marriage Will Strengthen Families (New Haven Register)
B'nai Israel Supports Marriage Equality (Connecticut Jewish Ledger)
A Necessary Debate (The New London Day)
A Vote Packed With Emotion (Hartford Courant)
Gay Marriage Moves a Step Closer (Stamford Advocate)
Committee Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill (Journal-Inquirer)
Marriage Equality Bill Passes in Judiciary Committee: Bill Now Moves to the House
Fathers' Daughter (Hartford Courant)
Civil Union Isn't Enough (Hartford Courant)
What's 10 Hours In The Wait For Equality? (Hartford Courant)
No Separate but Equal in Marriage (New York Times)
It's Time for Connecticut to Marry Same-Sex Couples (Litchfield County Times)
Marriage Equality is an Issue of Civil Rights (New Britain Herald and Bristol Press)
Standing Up for Marriage Equality (The Record-Journal)
Profs Lobby for Gay Marriage (Yale Daily News)
Gay marriage debate resurfaces as advocates fight for equality (New Haven Register)
Crowds Jam Gay Marriage Hearing (Hartford Courant)
Committee Hears Gay Marriage Arguments (Connecticut Post)
Marriage Equality: Relational Justice for All (Connecticut Post)
Legal Convolutions for Gay Couples (New York Times)
Separate But Equal (New London Day)
Defining State's Proper Role In Your Marriage (New London Day)
`Traditional Marriage' Isn't As Straightforward As All That (Hartford Courant)
Marriage Equality Bill Subject of Forum at Cragin (The Regional Standard)
Soul Mates Find Love In Spiritual, Social Consciousness (Hartford Courant)
Activists spar over marriage--Yale Daily News
Gay-marriage Supporters Met With Pitch For Statewide Vote (New London Day)
Gay marriage advocates, foes gear up for battle (Associated Press)
The Wedding Economy (NY Times)
Continuing the Fight (Norwalk Citizen-News)
Thanksgiving 2006 Letter
Gay Couples Demand Marriage, Take Their Appeal To State High Court (Hartford Courant)
Gay Jewish Couples in CT Suing for Right to Marry (CT Jewish Ledger)
Colchester woman urges voter support for same-sex couple legislation (Norwich Bulletin)
Civil Union Law in State Hits One-Year Mark (Avon Post)
A Ruling for Equality in New Jersey (NY Times Editorial)
Courage, Tenacity ( Hartford Courant)
Civil unions: a lesson in courage (Windsor Locks Journal)
Eastern Connecticut same-sex couples want weddings (Norwich Bulletin)
Advocates say same-sex marriage is ultimate goal (New Haven Register)
Making it legal (Stamford Advocate)
A couple of ways to look at it --New Britain Herald
A celebration of rights Gay couples mark anniversary of civil-union law (Greenwich Time)
A celebration of rights Gay couples mark anniversary of civil-union (Greenwich Time)
Local Couple Says Civil Union is 'a step in the right direction' (Wethersfield Post)
Church famous for firsts appoints gay minister
U.S. gay couples struggle to adopt
A Growing Sense of Pride
NJ Gays Anxiously Await Marriage Ruling
Second look at gay marriage?
Court Asked to Revisit Gay Marriage
Lawyers mull challenge to Wash. marriage ruling
Conservative Group Barred from Gay Marriage Case (New Haven Register)
State Supreme Court rejects bid to enter gay marriage fight (Associated Press)
Backward logic in the courts
Washington Court Upholds Ban on Gay Marriage
Washington Marriage Decision Comes Down
State's high court upholds ban on gay marriage
Love Makes the Difference
Gay Nups Bills Pushed in N.Y., 4 Other States
Nebraska gay marriage ban upheld by appeals court
Rights Denied Same-sex Couples
Gay marriage fight intensifies in Massachusetts
New York court declines to recognize gay marriage
Same-sex marriage dealt setbacks in NY, Georgia
Two Dads, One Family (Hartford Courant)
1 Couple, 1 Home, 1 Difference (Hartford Courant)
Fighting for gay marriage (Danbury News-Times)
Love Makes a Family Opposition to Alito Nomination
No deluge of civil unions
Civil unions (Associated Press)
Civil-union signups lag in Connecticut
Groomed for Victory
An Unequal Union (Hartford Courant)
Civil union makes history (Easton Courier)
In Pursuit of Happiness
Couples searching for the right verb
Same-Sex Marriage: The New Civil Rights Struggle
Same-sex unions may have to wait
The Big Day Nears: What to Wear, What to Say
Justices of the Peace weigh in on civil unions
Limits Seen On Status Of Gays
The 'Governator' Wimps Out
Conn. Constitution: "No such thing as separate but equal"
Beyond civil unions (Bay Windows)
Civil Unions a First Step (Lakeville Journal)
City professors' book has practical advice for heterosexuals who support gay rights (New Haven Register)
A Church's Welcome Way--Hartford Courant
Separate, Unequal How Civil Unions Fall Short Of Marriage (Hartford Courant)
Swimmer: I'm Gay, Not Immoral (Hartford Courant)
Connecticut compromise (Boston Globe)
fundraising house party
edbm house party
Some Clergy Already Uniting Gays (New Haven Register)
The Connecticut Half-Step (Boston Globe)
A Civil Debate Over Civil Union (NY Times)
New law receives mixed reaction in gay community (Associated Press)
Plaintiff in same-sex marriage lawsuit dissatisfied with civil unions (Associated Press)
Tying the Half Knot (NY Times)
Civil unions 'not enough' (Bristol Press)
A Flawed But Satisfying Vote (Hartford Courant)
Gay marriage OK may be matter of time (Bristol Press)
Civil unions in Conn. just a case of cold feet (Springfield Republican)
Equality and dignity (Meriden Record-Journal)
Gay couple's future (Norwalk Hour)
Financial reality hits home for local gay couple (New Britain Herald)
Marriage holds benefits for gay couples (New Haven Register)
Civil unions the right first step, but not the last (Yale Daily News)
Study: Civil Unions Aid Taxes(Hartford Courant)
Government By Straw Vote? (Hartford Courant)
Civil union law is likely this year
No Need For Polarizing Vote (Hartford Courant)
Gay couples gains' slight in Hartford (Norwich Bulletin)
Event in Salisbury Highlights Push for Same-Sex Marriage
Banner defends marriage
State gears up for gay marriage battle
Activists pound the pavement for same-sex marriage--The Stamford Advocate
Connecticut couple plans Bay State wedding
Advocates For Gay Marriages Rally At State Capitol --Hartford Courant
A Victory for Gay Marriage (NY Times)
Gay rights forum held in Danbury
Springfield, Massachusetts: Tutu speaks Out on Same Sex Marriages
Shocking results in gay marriage poll
Issues of same sex couples explored in forum
No Equality This Time Around
Our Stories, Our Lives
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